* change your mind, change your life *

Tap into your mind, and change your life NOW!

Hi, I am Katja.

I am a mindset change coach. Guiding you to tap in to your mindset, and turning whatever it is - into something good! You absolutely CAN manifest and transform to the life you are meant to live! Changing your mindset will change your life.

I don't believe in coincidences. You are here in this moment reading this, because NOW is YOUR time to get rid of:

  • negative self-talk and limiting beliefs
  • stress and anxiety
  • overthinking
  • procrastination and lack of energy
  • being stuck in unhealthy relationships and circumstances

This is your right time to actually GO FOR IT, creating your happier, fulfilled and thriving life! The best is yet to come.

Clear your subconscious blocs and start unleashing your true power!

As a certified life coach I want you to take a short-cut to transforming. To live a life filled with joy and abundance.

In my 1-on-1 coachings and group sessions I guide you to transform your mindset for a happier and empowered life. With my unique method of  tapping, breathwork and manifesting I achieve absolutely life-changing results for my clients.

It is is a powerful process that takes you through steps of 

  • calming body and mind
  • acknowledging the truth of what is
  • cleaning blockages from your subconscious
  • manifesting and affirming what you want in your life

Where: Coaching 1-on-1 and group sessions take place online in English or German.

It will be my pleasure  and honor to guide you to and on your path!  

Go for it with Katja:

„1:1 coaching & tapping “

60 minute coaching session / online

plus your personalized tapping audio 


199,-  Euro

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My story: I absolutely practice what is my mission in this world. But I have come from far, and I transformed myself into the way I joyfully and purposefully live today.

This was me before: an always stressed out frantically racing through live kind of person. Always on the go, never in the moment, always battling with time and me performing, never stopping to feel the summits I climbed. Mother of three, in a longtime rollercoaster relationship,  in a profession that stressed, but not fulfilled me with purpose and joy. Then, the universe thankfully so had it with me, and sent me an undeniable sign: this life is killing you! I fell down a  whole stairways and saw my own passing. What did I do? I went on about my business, like there is no fuss about it, and I have things to do!! How crazy is that? But that night in bed I felt it: this could have been it. Was I in a good place in my life for this to be my last day? The answer was: no. Not with my family, not in my relationship, not in my job. These thoughts blew me away, but they also led me the way out. The very next day I started choose again, and go for the life I want to live: full of joy, purpose, freedom and abundance. On this new path, I took lots of little steps and right actions. A process, where I started to truthfully acknowledge, clean and transform myself. It guided me to get rid of anxiety and insecurities, of limiting beliefs, and of being stuck in relationships, and a work life that did not serve my wellbeing. Today, I truly live by my own book: focussing and attracting joy, gratitude and abundance into my life. And it also has now become my life and mission to pass this on to YOU!


I am not a doctor or non-medical practitioner, I do not make any diagnoses and I do not make any promises of healing. My coaching sessions and offers do not substitute for counseling or advice of medical nature or medication. My offers do not represent diagnosing, treating, or preventing any medical or psychological condition. Coaching EFT tapping works by stimulating the self-healing power. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your use of EFT with your therapist and/or physician.

Eine Klientenstimme von
Gunny S.

„Katja hat mein Leben so wunderbar positiv verändert.
Sie ist meine ganz persönliche Favoritin- seit 3 Jahren als Yogalehrerin und seit einem Jahr nun auch als mein Personal- Life-Coach.
Sie beginnt die Sessions mit einer einfühlsamen Geste und gemeinsames Atmen, Ankommen und Innehalten.
Mit ihrer einfühlsamen und kompetenten Fragestellung, führte sie mich Schritt für Schritt aus meiner festgefahrenen Spur hin auf meinen neuen Weg. Dadurch konnte ich viel besser reflektieren, was ich möchte und was ich loslassen will. Katja fasst immer wieder zusammen und bündelt die Dinge, die ans Licht kommen. Während einer Coaching-Session hatte ich die ganze Zeit meine Augen geschlossen, wodurch ich noch viel tiefer in die fest sitzenden Strukturen hinein blicken und meinen Wahrnehmungshorizont erweitern konnte.
Ich habe Katja eine unglaubliche Veränderung zu verdanken. Ich fühle mich nun wieder so lebendig, habe mein Selbstvertrauen zurückerlangt und gehe mit anderen Augen und Ohren durch‘s Leben. Die Sinnhaftigkeit und die Achtsamkeit wurden durch das Coaching neu geschärft, so dass ich mir nun selber Fragen stellen und die für mich richtigen Antworten finden kann.

Ich danke Dir von Herzen liebe Katja, dass du mich so fantastisch bis hier hin begleitet hast und weiterhin an meiner Seite sein wirst👍🍀🙏“

sky´s the limit