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intuitive reading

What is an intuitive reading? 
 Intuitive reading is also referred to as aura reading. What does it mean? We all carry important knowledge - our most inner wisdom - somewhere in our energy system. This place of inner wisdom carries all our best answers and solutions. It is our place of knowing. And you can access this inner wisdom by connecting to the universe through a reader.

As your reader I become your channel through which the universe communicates directly with you.

As you allow me to connect and serve as your channel, you will receive direct communication and answers from the universe. You can pose any question on any issue, circumstance or relationship. The universe never fails you with an answer. If you don't have specific questions, as your channel I will scan through your chakras. These are the energy centers in your body, and they can be looked into for blockages.

Go deeper: The reading reveals wisdom when you are stuck 
You have tried so much, and just can't get out of it? When you are really stuck, blocked, and in need of true new perspectives and inspirations i.e. on hidden potentials, recurring negative patterns, limiting self-beliefs and blockages: This is when a  reading is the right choice. The universe will help you reveal what is at the deeper, your core level. The good thing: you can ask for answers from the universe right there. You can ask as many questions, until you have received and fully inhaled that most inner wisdom of yours through the words of the universe.

 the reading leaves you in absolute inspiration & clarity

A reading always leaves you absolutely positive and with truly inspiring insights and solutions. 



Intuitive Reading

An intuitive reading takes place online via zoom. On request you can come into my coaching place for a reading (Cologne, Germany).

  • find a quiet place
  • you may record our session via memo/or zoom
  • have questions at hand if you like
  • require about 60-75 minutes

249 Euros  //
If you are coming for a second reading the price is 100 Euros (requires usually 30 minutes)

sky´s the limit